12,000 miles 

Right now I am sitting in an airport lounge half way around the world, on my way to my holiday destination. I cannot wait. Unfortunately, I am travelling on my own (will meet my travel buddies over there only) which leaves a lot of time to think and over-think. Did I mention before, that I am an over thinker? Chronically. Sigh.

Various topics keep me awake, most of them involve men of course. One man in particular. I met him a year ago, and we have since only been in touch by phone or Skype, and met once a couple of months ago. In Paris of all cities! I loved it, we spent the most amazing weekend together. I adore this man.

So what’s the trick, you ask. He lives on the other side of the world, literally. You may wonder, what kind of relationship we have… Continue reading


The disappearing act

To not make you wonder and hold your breath and your fingers crossed any longer, I want to release you: there won’t be a second date after all… What a huge disappointment.

How I know this? Well, I guessed (!). I’m assuming that not replying to my texts for  five days is a clear enough sign of ‘sorry, not interested anymore’. Which is fine, wouldn’t it be for the cowardice behaviour! Continue reading

Stop looking for Mr Right

Dating can be a tough business. It’s exciting, creates those butterflies in your tummy and makes you grin like the cat that got the cream. But it’s also heartbreaking, with an endless stream of dreadful first dates, hours you wish you had spend on the sofa instead… I would like to write about my experiences. Every time I tell my friends about my dates, they say ‘write a book, it’s so fun’. But you know what, it’s not really funny when you are in the midst of it.

Dating in London is difficult who would have thought that – a city full of singles. But everyone is busy, rushing around, looking for more and better, swiping left or right and blocking again. I’ve had some strange dates, and of course some great ones. I fell in love and was hopeful quite a few times. With every heartbreak I think ‘this is it, no more’, but who could give up on looking for love?? I know, I should stop looking and it will come, but hey – how can I stop looking for love? How can I stop looking for my Mr Right? 😉