Comes with baggage

Preamble: Apologies for the rambling, it may all make little sense…

I met this guy. Such a nice, funny, smart and kind guy. We had a whirlwind four dates in one week. And then things started to level out a bit (we have now been dating for 6 weeks). Why? Because he comes with ‘baggage’.

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At last!

A couple of months ago I tried to convince myself that I need to give a guy a chance. Even if there were little things that I noticed and didn’t like – ‘come on, Anna, don’t dismiss him so easily’ I said. So just to close that loop – I went on a second date with said guy and realised that I couldn’t look past those not so little things. It was a resounding ‘thanks but no thanks’ from me. Yet another one.

And then I went and reactivated Tinder, the app I loathed and deleted about 2.5 years ago, since Friend Guy (remember him?). Continue reading