Is it me?

I started chatting to this guy a few weeks back. He is responsive, funny, interested in me and how I tick. After a few days chatting via the app he suggested to talk on the phone – he called and we talked for nearly two hours. Continue reading


Tumble – Gotcha!

Yesterday I went to the races. Horse races. It was my first experience of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, a famous event in the the English horse racing calendar. My friend is a regular at that race, so invited me along. What a fantastic girls day out! Continue reading

Travel diary: Day 3 – Hello Auckland

It is 5.30am and I made it – I arrived. Hallelujah! This was a long journey, very long considering I left my apartment on Tuesday morning and now it is Thursday. But, I arrived safely and my suitcase arrived with me. In fact, by the time I got to the luggage carousel it was already on its second lap. Off I went, trying to find out how best to get into the city without spending a fortune. Continue reading

Travel diary: What is this all about?

I am going on a long(ish) trip, so I decided to write a travel diary. It will not only be about my adventures and boring details about places I visited, food I ate, random people I met, but also about my reflections, thoughts, fears – true to my ‘normal’ blog it will also feature all the matters of my heart.

Please bear with me, it may not always make sense right away, sometimes never. If you are patient with me I invite you join me on my journey, without prejudices and expectations.

‘But darling, what if you can fly?’