Enough is enough

When is enough ‘enough’? How much can we take until we break down, until we give up, until we give in, until we say ‘whatever, but make it stop’?

I often wonder whether I endure too much pain and heartache until I let go. And also, is it really worth it? Is anyone or anything worth it that you go through such a low and painful period? Is it worth it loosing so much of yourself in the process that your healing or recuperation time takes forever until you feel normal and yourself again? Continue reading



Where should I start? The past few weeks my heart and mind went through a rollercoaster of epic proportions. At the moment the cart is racing downhill, so apologies if I sound a bit gloomy.

You remember the guy I met who only wanted to be friends? He is a great guy, we met quite a few time since then and every time we have the best time. We get on remarkably well, do lots of interesting stuff together and really enjoy each other’s company. Continue reading