Me, I and myself

NB: Apologies if this post is a bit too much ‘out there’, but I wanted to put it down as it helps me pinning down my monkey mind. The first few week in the year were hard. I’m not sure why, but I could feel myself drift off again towards that gaping hole of feeling unworthy.

It is the end of January, and it is the first time since my ‘Summer of Change’ half a year ago that I manage to slow down, relax and reflect on what has happened since, take stock of the thoughts that flooded my mind and made me adjust my direction, the realisations and new truths. This sounds rather grand, but it is not really – please bear with me. Continue reading

Bring it on

Happy New Year my friends! May this be an exciting, positive and fun year for all of you! I want to be more relaxed, more focused on myself and my own needs, I will avoid those energy-sucking people around me as much as possible, and surround myself with those that fill my vitality bucket (to say it with Jonathan Field’s words). Continue reading