Oops, I did it again…

It’s been a while, and I started to get worried that I got out of practice. But last week I did it again (whoop) – I went on my first date since I called a break in August!

To my relief, I was not out of practice – I must say the date went really well. Who would have thought that there are nice men around after all?! I know, I should not jinx anything yet, but only the fact that I had a lovely evening gives me hope! Continue reading


Unfit for purpose?

This week I read an article about this generation, the 30-40s, which seem to be unable to be in or hold up relationships. It made me wonder if this really is the case.

Why does it look as if there are so many single people, supposedly looking for love but seeming unable to find it? Are we looking in the wrong places? Do we not see it if it is right in front of our eyes? Continue reading