Oops, I did it again…

It’s been a while, and I started to get worried that I got out of practice. But last week I did it again (whoop) – I went on my first date since I called a break in August!

To my relief, I was not out of practice – I must say the date went really well. Who would have thought that there are nice men around after all?! I know, I should not jinx anything yet, but only the fact that I had a lovely evening gives me hope! And makes me grin like the cat that got the cream. I do confess, that I probably didn’t present myself from my best side: I only arrived back in London on a red-eye flight from overseas, went straight into work and then to the date in the evening. I was beyond tired, but wanted to meet him (he was then due to travel the following day for two weeks). I did warn him, that I would rock up with my suitcase, and apologised in advance for probably being a little tired. But I hang in there, we had lots and lots to talk about, at the end he made sure I got into a taxi and asked me to text him when I get home.

We started chatting a couple of weeks earlier, and he is interested – I mean, he texts (not replying only), he is funny, he asks a lot of questions. And the best, he was very keen on meeting despite my warning of me maybe not being up to scratch. It feels nice. Again, I know not to put my hopes up too much, I definitely don’t want to jinx it. But he is overseas at the moment, and keeps in touch nearly every day. Big grin.

So fingers crossed I got lucky this time. 76th time lucky, eh 😉 I will keep you posted, obviously!

Btw: My trip to overseas last week brought me together with this guy I met in the Summer, do you remember? Handsome and very charming guy, who called me straight away after I got back to London. He still is very handsome and charming and right up my street. Unfortunately living too far away.


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