Date dresscode and height

As I promised to myself, I am still ‘off dating’. No dates in August and I am even contemplating if I should extend the self-healing period to September. Sorry guys, no new stories yet 😉

When you finally agree to a date, one of the big questions always is ‘What should I wear?’. And the frantic search in your wardrobe begins, interrupted by ‘I have nothing to wear’ or ‘I should go shopping’ and emergency texts to your girlfriends. Ha! Where are you going to meet? That has a big impact on what you should wear. I personally like to meet in a pub, it’s easy and casual, no need to dress up too much with the danger of being overdressed in the end.

Did you ask your date one of the quintessential questions? Continue reading


Universe, listen…!

‘The universe will sort it!’ – Have you ever been told this?

My friend Sue keeps saying this to me, usually when I moan again that I do not meet the right man or no man or anything else does not work out the way I was hoping to. Then she says, in all seriousness, that I would not do it the correct way. I would have to visualise whatever I want, I would have to say it out loud, and then just send it off. To the universe. As simple as that… Ha ha!

It makes me laugh every time. And as much as I would love to believe in this, I just don’t. I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I try to pretend I do, to maybe trick the universe as I don’t want to upset it and hence ignore my requests, but really…?! Continue reading

Reminiscense or birthday jitters

It is my birthday next week and I started looking back on the last year. I’ve been through quite a turmoil of emotions. Gosh, this sounds dramatic, I know. And I am hoping I am not the only one doing this – reminiscing -, it makes me sound like an old woman looking back on her life… ha ha. It is nothing that serious, I promise. Being on my own and trying to stand my ground in this big city does that to me.

But I did think about the issues of the heart, my family and my friends. The biggest issue for me is, that I have lost my best friend. Continue reading

I need a break

I am back from holidays. What a great time I had, no worries, enjoying every day, no thought wasted on men. Really! I do love those holidays, which ground you again and make you realise what is important in life and what is just added weight.

My resolution: I will not go on any dates in August, I need a break! I need to revisit my approach on how to find Mr Right, and most importantly I need to relax again. My search in the last months has caused too much distress and upset, wasted tears and energy. I do not want to and cannot go on like this. I know, this sounds rather serious, but I mean it. Fingers crossed I will be able to stick to it. There must be a fun way of dating. I remember it being fun and exciting not too long ago. Is there such a thing as ‘date surfeit’? Continue reading