Universe, listen…!

‘The universe will sort it!’ – Have you ever been told this?

My friend Sue keeps saying this to me, usually when I moan again that I do not meet the right man or no man or anything else does not work out the way I was hoping to. Then she says, in all seriousness, that I would not do it the correct way. I would have to visualise whatever I want, I would have to say it out loud, and then just send it off. To the universe. As simple as that… Ha ha!

It makes me laugh every time. And as much as I would love to believe in this, I just don’t. I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I try to pretend I do, to maybe trick the universe as I don’t want to upset it and hence ignore my requests, but really…?! It feels like the last resort to fall back to magic. Although I think, a little bit of magic wouldn’t do any harm, right!? So I do it nevertheless, I tell the universe about my dearest wishes. When I started with this, I only thought it in my head, until Sue reminded me to say it out loud – otherwise it couldn’t hear me. Dooh! Silly me! Since then I started chatting with the universe (for people watching it may look as if I am talking to myself, but be not mistaken!).

However, I do get the feeling that the universe is extremely busy or has selective hearing. It’s a bit like writing a letter to Santa Clause, nothing happens. What’s wrong with it? Does it not know that one really only talks to the universe in extreme and very desperate circumstances? Obviously, at that point help is needed ASAP! Do I need to shout for it to listen?

😉 I am one of those people who would always be hopeful. Without hope, what’s left? So I do try every ceremony or little act of kindness or whatever they say will bring luck (no, I do not – definitely not – forward chain emails or texts, that’s my invisible red line), because it won’t do any harm and will make me feel better and I can say ‘at least I have tried’. So when I went to Tokyo, I left little messages at the temple and at the Buddha shrine, I make a wish if a find an eyelash, I definitely make a wish if I see a shooting star, I even drew a picture of my wish and buried it in the garden (apparently it’s a Turkish tradition or something, recommended by a dear Turkish colleague)… I love little gestures like that.

But do I believe in it? As much as I would love to, I don’t. I believe that you are in control of your own destiny. So unfortunately, I cannot blame the universe for not sending the perfect man (does he even exist?), but have to keep looking myself. I will – I confess – look forward to a little bit of magic in my life though.


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