Date dresscode and height

As I promised to myself, I am still ‘off dating’. No dates in August and I am even contemplating if I should extend the self-healing period to September. Sorry guys, no new stories yet 😉

When you finally agree to a date, one of the big questions always is ‘What should I wear?’. And the frantic search in your wardrobe begins, interrupted by ‘I have nothing to wear’ or ‘I should go shopping’ and emergency texts to your girlfriends. Ha! Where are you going to meet? That has a big impact on what you should wear. I personally like to meet in a pub, it’s easy and casual, no need to dress up too much with the danger of being overdressed in the end.

Did you ask your date one of the quintessential questions? Did you check how tall he is? A friend of mine would not go on a date without having found out beforehand how tall the guy was. She has been called a ‘heightist’ a few times. Giggle. I must admit I do see her point, but sometimes it feels too rude to ask in the middle of a conversation, it would interrupt the banter and I would worry it makes me appear rather shallow. However, I prefer to not ‘tower’ over my date. So unless I know for sure it is ‘safe to wear heels’ I would always opt for flat shoes. One guy told me once that a girl always has to wear heels on a first date. I just looked at him and decided he was an idiot.

So back to the question of what to wear. Once you have established whether it is flats or heels, you need to decide on dress or skirt, jeans or trousers. The easiest is to meet after work, then you always have the perfect excuse for wearing formal suits or dresses. Simple. And you also have an excuse for not getting all styled up, with big hair and make up, because there is only so much you can do at the office. I like that. That is how I look most of the time anyway.

This reminds me of some girls, who do not work in the city. You can spot them easily when you are out for a drink after work. They look all glammed up, in super heels, on the hunt for a rich city banker (did they forget that the chances of finding those were better before the credit crunch?). They try to ‘blend in’ but it is very obvious that they spend two hours at home getting ready, and did not just pop out of the office… Why oh why?

Apologies, I got distracted… 😉 How to conclude? I prefer not to get all dolled up. We can leave that for later in the game, for special occasions and special nights out. Of course you should not turn up looking your worst, but no one would do that anyway. And if you dress like you would when meeting the girls, you will look like yourself and that is, in my mind, the best recipe.


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