Not just a pretty face

I am a good looking woman, successful in my job, I love a nice glass of champagne and I also love a good pint of beer. What really bothers me with all these online dating websites and applications: guys only see a gorgeous women, but do not expect much else.

But, I have so much more to offer than just a pretty face! Usually men are surprised when they hear that I like a good pint of beer. And to watch rugby or football. Why? Are women not allowed to know the rules of the game? Is it a bad sign for us to do some ‘manly’ things? Should I then also not mention, that actually I quite like a challenge, that I loved free-climbing, that I went rappelling during my holiday and I did as well as the guys did? I am not made out of sugar, and even if I may not look like it at the first glance, I am a tough girl and won’t brake easily. Also, I am clever, know a thing or two about politics and economics and can keep up with a geeky conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, I will not say no to a day at the spa with pampering face masks, a bottle of bubbly, gossiping and talk about make up and other girls stuff. But I really don’t like the stereotype of the pretty, but dumb and not interesting girl.

As mentioned before, men should expect more from their partner. Look outside the box – that’s where it starts to get interesting! Do you feel threatened by women like us? Again, don’t be! This is such a great opportunity to challenge each other and to grow with each other, to explore with one another. Isn’t this what a relationship is about?

So remember: don’t judge a book by its cover. Or don’t dismiss a pretty face as just that, a pretty face with nothing else to offer.


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