I need a break

I am back from holidays. What a great time I had, no worries, enjoying every day, no thought wasted on men. Really! I do love those holidays, which ground you again and make you realise what is important in life and what is just added weight.

My resolution: I will not go on any dates in August, I need a break! I need to revisit my approach on how to find Mr Right, and most importantly I need to relax again. My search in the last months has caused too much distress and upset, wasted tears and energy. I do not want to and cannot go on like this. I know, this sounds rather serious, but I mean it. Fingers crossed I will be able to stick to it. There must be a fun way of dating. I remember it being fun and exciting not too long ago. Is there such a thing as ‘date surfeit’?

I will still go out and meet guys. But without the pressure of it being a ‘date’. I met a really lovely guy on holiday. We went out for one evening, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Why? Well, I think because I knew I would not see him again, so I could just be myself without any pressure to impress. It turns out, I did impress after all, he called me yesterday!? Crazy world…

So please, wish me luck for my ‘date free month’. Any suggestions on how to steer cupid my way are welcome! 😉


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