12,000 miles 

Right now I am sitting in an airport lounge half way around the world, on my way to my holiday destination. I cannot wait. Unfortunately, I am travelling on my own (will meet my travel buddies over there only) which leaves a lot of time to think and over-think. Did I mention before, that I am an over thinker? Chronically. Sigh.

Various topics keep me awake, most of them involve men of course. One man in particular. I met him a year ago, and we have since only been in touch by phone or Skype, and met once a couple of months ago. In Paris of all cities! I loved it, we spent the most amazing weekend together. I adore this man.

So what’s the trick, you ask. He lives on the other side of the world, literally. You may wonder, what kind of relationship we have… Good question! We are friends, that’s for sure. Sometimes we are also romantically involved. Not friends with benefits though. I think, we would definitely be together if we would live in the same city.

And why is it doing my head-in? What is playing on my mind? What if he is the one, my soul mate? He is so my type, clever and funny and caring, I fancy the pants off him and he makes me feel so good, calms me down and I know I can talk about anything with him. What should I do? Jump on the plane, hoping that after a 30 hour trip I would fall into his arms and would hear the angels sing? Is that realistic? I am quite a spur-of-the-moment kind of girl, I would do it straight away if he would mention anything. Should I forget about him and look for love somewhere closer? Am I comparing the guys I meet to him (and hardly giving those poor chaps a chance)?

Guys, I am lost here… So what next? I hope that he invites me over, then I will be on the next plane. Hoping to be picked up at the airport by my Mr Right. At the same time, I know I have to keep my eyes open, for love somewhere closer to home. Life is a bitch.


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