The disappearing act

To not make you wonder and hold your breath and your fingers crossed any longer, I want to release you: there won’t be a second date after all… What a huge disappointment.

How I know this? Well, I guessed (!). I’m assuming that not replying to my texts for  five days is a clear enough sign of ‘sorry, not interested anymore’. Which is fine, wouldn’t it be for the cowardice behaviour!

This infuriates me! If you are not interested anymore for whatever reason, fine – fair enough, that’s life. But just disappearing and not even having the balls to text ‘hey sorry…’ is just not acceptable. As much as it hurts, I have lots of respect for those guys who are honest about it. After all, treat everyone the way you want to be treated. And would you like it if someone just disregarded you like that? This is disrespectful. Full stop. Grrr.

This is it, no more dates for the next months or so. Thank god I am off on holidays soon, so I am looking forward to lots of fun and distraction from this emotionally draining state. But do not worry about me, I will always keep smiling!


One thought on “The disappearing act

  1. You’ve heard it before – relax and let it happen. But you’re right, it’s very hard to find a loving, committed relationship these days….Still, it’s not impossible! So stay positive and keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours.

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