Reminiscense or birthday jitters

It is my birthday next week and I started looking back on the last year. I’ve been through quite a turmoil of emotions. Gosh, this sounds dramatic, I know. And I am hoping I am not the only one doing this – reminiscing -, it makes me sound like an old woman looking back on her life… ha ha. It is nothing that serious, I promise. Being on my own and trying to stand my ground in this big city does that to me.

But I did think about the issues of the heart, my family and my friends. The biggest issue for me is, that I have lost my best friend. Continue reading

12,000 milesĀ 

Right now I am sitting in an airport lounge half way around the world, on my way to my holiday destination. I cannot wait. Unfortunately, I am travelling on my own (will meet my travel buddies over there only) which leaves a lot of time to think and over-think. Did I mention before, that I am an over thinker? Chronically. Sigh.

Various topics keep me awake, most of them involve men of course. One man in particular. I met him a year ago, and we have since only been in touch by phone or Skype, and met once a couple of months ago. In Paris of all cities! I loved it, we spent the most amazing weekend together. I adore this man.

So what’s the trick, you ask. He lives on the other side of the world, literally. You may wonder, what kind of relationship we have… Continue reading