Lessons learnt and little reminders

This was quite a year for me… I had some very low lows, and also some pretty good times. I would like to take the opportunity to reflect and to make a list (I love a good list 🙂 ) to see what outweighed in 2015 – the highs or the lows. And maybe along the way of writing the list I will learn something, or you…

Be honest. This is a big mantra of mine. You should always be honest, because only then you are true to yourself. Be honest about how you feel, about what you like or dislike.

Reflect. Once in a while take a step back to reflect on yourself. Have you compromised beyond the acceptable and are you still happy?

Be open for love. I am a person who always gives 100%. If I like someone I do so without holding back, if I commit to something or someone I do so completely. I always give all my heart and soul. It may be a good trait, but sometimes it leads to big heart aches. And gosh, I did go through a few this year. To be honest, despite the many dates I went on, it is rare that I click with someone I really like and feel attracted to. I met two guys this year this applies to. The first one I met beginning of the year, he was all you could ask for on the surface – charm, charisma, fun and looks. I met him and we spend a whirlwind weekend in Edinburgh together. I was over the moon! And then I met his player personality, and the heart break started. What did I learn? If they talk the talk they should walk the walk. The other guy… well, you’ve read about him :-).

Travel a lot. I love travelling. The more I go on exciting trips, the longer my travel list gets. I have been to some amazing places, done fun things that I would never have dreamt of otherwise, met absolutely amazing people and made friends for life. I have met some charming men and I do confess, had a couple of fantastic holiday romances (one of them you have met already).

Take a time out. I think it is important to take time outs for yourself. Stop doing the things that cause too much stress or put you under pressure. I admit, if it’s your job it’s a little harder to follow through, but even here you can go and look for a job that makes you happy (or happier). I took a time out from dating in the summer, and it was a great thing to do. I never thought I could do it, always felt I am missing out on opportunities. But there were no opportunities, because I didn’t go into dates with an open mind, was worked up about stuff already – never a good start. So I made the conscious decision to stop it, and it was a good and healthy decision. I am now waiting for my third date with a normal and nice guy (please keep your fingers crossed for me though, just to be sure! 🙂 ).

Own your mistakes. We only learn through mistakes, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You’ll come out of it a better person.

Be happy. Not what you have defines you, but what you do with what you have. You should be happy, an optimistic personality is contagious and will attract happy and positive people. Your circle of friends is also a reflection of you, so choose wisely. Laugh a lot. Love.

Choose your words wisely. I learnt this the hard way this year: words are powerful. Once they are said it is too late, so think before you speak. I had to hear some very hurtful words, spoken by the person who was my best friend. I have lost her, I had to, because I couldn’t combine what was said with friendship. Loosing her hurt a lot and broke my heart a bit, but it also made me stronger.

Be loyal. Be loyal to your friends and family, because this is the safety net you need and can’t be without. Stay true to your word.

Be open for love. I know it already is further up this list. But it is important to me! Never ever give up on love! The world would be such a sad place. I don’t even want to think about it. Love rules the world. I am a hopeless romantic, I know…

Despite all the tears, the good and happy in my life was definitely stronger and outweighs the sad. I know who my friends are, I believe that there is love for me waiting out there. I am positive and looking forward to what the new year is holding for  me. Let’s do it! Let’s find love!

What did you learn? What wouldn’t you want to miss for the world? I’d love to hear your stories.


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