Year-end with a bang… or not

And it happened again. For good measure, and so I don’t get too upbeat and dare I say hopeful at the end of this year – I just received another ‘thanks but no thanks’, no date number three.

I’m feeling a little bit down, and even though I try to remind myself of all the things I am great in preaching to others, I keep thinking ‘what’s wrong with me?’. Nothing is wrong, I know, not everyone can like me and they shouldn’t. But pleeease just once in a while it would be great if the person I like would like me back. Pretty please! I really am a nice girl!

Ha ha – listen to me, whining like a 6 year old girl. OK, I will get over it – I have to, I guess it’s more my pride that got another dent then anything else. I am determined to start into 2016 with a positive attitude and an open mind. It will be a great year, as 2015 was lacking a bit…



2 thoughts on “Year-end with a bang… or not

  1. Oh doll, we have all been there. In the words of Aaliyah, you juts have to dust yourself off and try again. Dating nowadays is just so annoying! But we have to have hope that one day, a date will go swimmingly well and the guy will instantly fall in love with us hahaha! Thanks for sharing xo

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