Lessons learnt and little reminders

This was quite a year for me… I had some very low lows, and also some pretty good times. I would like to take the opportunity to reflect and to make a list (I love a good list 🙂 ) to see what outweighed in 2015 – the highs or the lows. And maybe along the way of writing the list I will learn something, or you… Continue reading


Keeping an open mind

I have always prided myself in being a strong woman, who can look out for herself. Since I was young I had to work hard for the things I wanted. My parents always supported me, of course, but I cannot remember many instances when I had a ‘free ride’. I grew up to be an independent person.

Which is a good attribute. But, at the moment I have had enough of being strong all the time. Strong for my family, strong for my friends, strong in my job. I am longing for someone or some people to look out for me for a change. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I (desperately?) look for Mr Right?

I went to an event yesterday. It was one of these advice workshops, with about 500 women attending. Continue reading