Bring it on

Happy New Year my friends! May this be an exciting, positive and fun year for all of you! I want to be more relaxed, more focused on myself and my own needs, I will avoid those energy-sucking people around me as much as possible, and surround myself with those that fill my vitality bucket (to say it with Jonathan Field’s words).

This is how my year started:

I spent NYE with two wonderful friends, new friends ;). We discussed our goals for the new year, laughed a lot, cooked a delicious meal and drank champagne. If this is any indication on how the year will plan out I’m happy with it – relaxed is the word, no pressure.

I had my first first date of the year with a really nice guy, a second date was agreed and I was amazed at how easy it seemed to be dating again. Well, don’t praise the day before the evening – he went off the radar and it was back to square one. But, I wasn’t devastated. He’s the one losing out big time. Shortly after that I went on my second first date, with a nice guy, charming, attentive. A second date followed – I do like him, although I’m missing the butterflies in my belly, or maybe I’m just too cautious? Last year I would have dismissed him immediately, but this year I want to change my approach. There is nothing to lose after all and I can’t be worse off than I was in 2016… I will give him a chance to impress me, maybe it develops with time and I get to know him better with every date, and vice versa, and this is how it goes. Isn’t that the old fashioned way? When we went out with a guy because he we liked him and after a while you realise that you fell in love with him? Let’s wait and see, I will not get ahead of myself and already plan our wedding  – no need to buy a hat just yet ;).

One event had a huge impact on me: my boss of 8 years moved on to a different company and country. I worked with him since moving to the big city. He supported me in all my endeavours at work, in my ambitions and challenged me to grow and improve, not only professionally but also personally. He believes in my abilities and I always had his backing. So knowing that I’d be ‘on my own’ from now on feels a bit scary, but it’s also a chance to prove myself. Change is good – sometimes your hand needs to be forced (as mine is now). So I moved departments and am excited about what’s ahead of me.

And I went on holiday. In fact, I am sitting on a sun lounger at the beach of Koh Samui as I am writing this. I want to slow down for once (when did my life get so hectic?), explore the island, absorb some of the wonderfully positive mindset of the Thai people, practise my meditation, and just have fun. I haven’t had such a holiday in ages, usually I’m out in the wilderness, trekking and exploring, and I can feel my mind slowing down, in a good way (the monkey is quiet for a few moments a day). Refuelling with new energy.

2017 is the year of change. I’m living in my own flat, I have a new job, I spend time with new friends and I renewed the believe that Mr Right is out there. And I’m invited to four weddings and am not dreading it. 😁

2017 – bring it on!


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