The importance of friends

Friends are important. I couldn’t do without them. They play such a big role in my life, and sometimes they are my saviours.

Every now and then I battle with self doubts, and I question everything I do, every turn and direction I take. Usually a strong, determined and assured woman I don’t trust my own judgement anymore. Usually I also recognise this and contact my friends. I have less friends now than I had – say – 10 years ago. But they are closer friends, more genuine, more personal, more real. And more interested in me and my story, wanting to support and help.

Friendships change over time. I moved around a lot and lost touch to those old kindergarten and school mates. I admire those people who are still friends with someone they met at the age of 3 – I love that thought and the romance of it. But I met wonderful people along my way. Some of those who are now my best friends I only met a couple of years ago, some of them I have had for a decade. But those that are around at this point in my life are my family. Some are scattered around the globe, but it warms my heart knowing, that no matter what distance is between us, how often we speak, we are there for each other. I know I can count on them, they know they can count on me. Always.

So I wanted to thank everyone who puts up with me, my ‘weak’ phases and my random ideas. Thank you for letting me be me, for keeping your fingers and toes crossed for me, for letting me be part of your lives, and for sharing your heart with me.

You know who you are. As I said, I couldn’t do it without you.


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