Monday dates and favourite animals


What’s your thought about dates on a Monday? If you had a busy weekend, you may be exhausted, or you are feeling the Monday blues. On Mondays I would normally prefer to stay at home, but… there are things a girls needs to do and if that was the only day the two of you were free, so be it.

So, I had a date on Monday. A Tinder date. It started with a busy day at work and I did not get out in time. Luckily, neither did he, so we were both late. Eek. Unfortunately, and I do feel a little sorry for the guy (let’s call him James), I knew straight away that the two of us would not go home together. Sometimes they just can’t win. There was no spark. And the goodwill vanished rather quickly…

We had a strange conversation, could not find a topic (please, only one!) which we both loved and wanted to share. Strange comments followed weird remarks, and I struggled to hide my annoyance. An example: James: ‘Do you like wildlife?’, me: ‘what do you mean, which wildlife? Of a specific continent?’, he: ‘well, nature and stuff’… Hmm… Not sure what to answer other than that I enjoy being out and about exploring. This was followed by ‘What is your favourite animal?’… Where are we, in Kindergarden? Do I have to fill in those first grade questionnaires with ‘who is your friend, favourite teacher’ etc? James clarified that his favourite animal was a tiger, and that he even took pictures with a tiger next to him (everyone remembers those photographs on Tinder… sigh!). Feeling a little sheepish, I asked him if ‘his’ tiger was as drugged up as they usually are when you are visiting the tourist attractions in Thailand, and James replied that ‘his’ tiger was not under the influence of any substances, that this lovely animal was so used to living in a cage that it was quite content with it. And that the guards only used whips to tame the tigers… Errm… This left me speechless.

Also, what is it with 40+ year old men, who talk as if they were 16? And those wannabe-rapper/gangsta hand gestures… Ridiculous!

Deep breath, Anna!

We ended our date after one drink, hugged each other good-bye and left into different directions. Later that evening I received a text asking for honest feedback… I answered very politely, talking about ‘different wavelengths’ or something and was left feeling astonished and worried as to how much worse it could get!?

But, new day, new opportunities – so on it goes, the search for my Mr Right.


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