The curious matter of phone calls

One issue I can’t get my head around is calling someone, I mean actually picking up the phone and talking to someone. It seems no one ever speaks to each other anymore.

It goes like this: you meet a nice guy and swap numbers, which means you would like to meet up again. And the waiting game starts… Did I mention yet that I don’t like those games? I hate them! I don’t know the rules, and I don’t want to play by them, I don’t want to play games full stop. So now the question is, who texts first? If you like someone, you should get in touch. Because if you don’t he may think that you were not attracted to him after all and he’ll look for someone else. Of course, it works the same the other way around. Usually I am the one to text, and I don’t mind. Then the mini novel in your phone starts taking shape. Because you text back and forth, how many messages a day or a week? And now the dangerous part: the guessing starts. What did he mean with that, why did he not put ‘xx’ at the end, why did he read my message and still hasn’t replied? I believe that I have ‘lost’ at least a year of my life because I wonder and get anxious and nervous and upset… about nothing.

So wouldn’t it be easier to just pick up the phone and call him, if you feel like chatting to him? You can hear the voice and everything with it (curiosity, happiness, hesitation etc.), you can actually say what you like, and correct it if it’s misunderstood, you can chat about a thousand things without it being weird. Wouldn’t that be so much simpler?

Instead we text and second guess. On the rare occasion a guy says ‘let’s chat on the phone’ I usually cannot believe it, and am still baffled if he really does call.

Let’s not play games. Neither guys nor girls like it. And if you want to chat, pick up the phone! (Not ten times a day though ;-))


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