First impressions vs expectations

I am sure this happens to all of us. But once in a while I am wobbling, my confidence is running a little low and I’m thinking ‘What is wrong with me? Why can’t I find a man?’. 

Most of the time I’m fine and in high spirits. I try to always look at situations with a ‘the glass is half full’ mindset. But after a few months with a number of first dates that did not end in second dates or guys ‘disappearing’ after a couple of dates, I start thinking ‘why not, all idiots to me please’. Why do I attract those kind of man, or why am I attracted to those kind of man? Is that one of the probably many flaws of modern dating (online dating)? Very superficial, you make up your mind about a person based on pictures and short messages. Then you meet and oftentimes it happens that the person cannot keep up with your expectations and the picture you had painted in your head… Which is not fair, I agree. But unfortunately the first impression is important and if that goes wrong, that person has a lot to catch up on to win you back.

There is no point in doubting yourself. Even though I admit, sometimes it is difficult (and then I am thankful for my friends to pick me up again). But what is it? My theory is this: men sometimes talk the talk but do not always walk the walk. They say they like clever and independent and beautiful women, who can stand up for themselves. But the truth is, they do not. I have experienced it a number of times, that they are struggling with the fact that I have a career too and that I am passionate about my work. That I do not always agree with them and do not laugh about all their jokes. That I like to be challenged and would like a man to keep up with me.

So guys, man up! Do not always choose the easy way, because in the long run it will be boring. Raise your expectations to both yourself and the woman at your side. It will be worth it! Promise!


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