First date disaster

I am slightly annoyed. I had a really lovely weekend, and then it was spoilt with a terrible first date. There are a few no-go areas and topics when it comes to first encounters, and all of them were mentioned during my date yesterday.

A first date should be fun and entertaining, with lots of banter and laughter and positive surprises. No tough topics (unless of course you feel OK talking about it and do not end up in arguments). Yesterday was different, for a number of reasons:

  • As soon as we met he rattled down his CV, starting with high-school. It also included his latest promotions at work and his current earnings.
  • He pointed out the number of properties he sold/ owned/ is about to refurbish, maybe to show that I would not have to live under the bridge if I decided to commit.
  • He gave me a precise list of what his prospective partner should do to keep fit and what he would not tolerate.
  • I learned all about his previous dates and why they did not end well. I was also enlightened about his ex girlfriends, and had to listen to him slagging them off until I asked him to stop that.
  • Probably to make sure that I would not spend all his hard-earned money, he asked me what my salary was… Needless to say, that I didn’t tell him.

WTF! (excuse my swearing!)

When I got back home, I sent him a very nice and polite message and said that we are probably not a perfect match. He had the cheek to reply with ‘yes – there was no personality on your side to connect with. And by the way, take up your fitness!’. That left me stunned and speechless…. And annoyed. I blocked his number.

Enough of the ranting, it is a new week, with new opportunities and lots of things to look forward to. Positive thinking, and as always – keep smiling!


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