Double digits

Where do I start? I kept quite quiet about this one, mostly because I didn’t want to jinx it, but also I wanted to avoid that I’ve told everyone around me and then had to explain to the very same people that it is no more.

What am I referring to? I started to see a guy early September. An Italian guy. And we are up to date #10. Ten! I am over the moon and amazed that I made it that far, that we made it that far. Not because he’s not a great guy, but because it has been ages, literally years, that I got to date number ten.

He seems to enjoy spending time with me, which is such an amazing feeling. All the self doubt vanishes. And I love spending time with him. Why? He is so different than any of the other guys I have met lately. It’s the little things that catch my breath and make my heart swell up. He is good fun to be around, so very polite but still cheeky, not pushy at all (we only kissed after our 4th date – I said a Hallelujah when it happened). He cooks dinner for me (very yummy) and encourages me to eat healthy, he enjoys a good bottle of wine (he’s Italian after all), he brings his laptop to my place so we can watch a movie from his library, he is a fantastic kisser and else, he holds my hand in public. It’s so many little things that make me realise I do like this person very much.

And that make me worry. Of course, I am a worrier. It makes me worried that he changes his mind or sees something in me that puts him off. Also, even though he is the chattiest guy I have ever met, he is a terrible texter. Texting really is for logistics only, at least in his communication with me. Which makes me anxious, because I share moments via text. We haven’t seen each other in the last two weeks, because he had friends from home visiting (three groups, they passed on the baton to each other. Literally.). And whilst he did message me every other day or so, it was always very short, or in reply to something I sent. It makes the self doubts creeping in again, it makes me very conscious about what I ‘should‘ do. In the end I managed to stay away from the rule book and just texted etc. whenever I felt like it, with whatever I wanted to tell him. Also thanks to my friends, who reminded me about that he always keeps his word. Prior to these two weeks he did warn me and apologised that he won’t have any time. He also said that once his friends are gone ‘we will be back to normal‘.

So, today the last group of friends will be leaving. I am sooo looking forward to seeing him again. We have not arranged a date yet, but I am hoping it will be rather sooner than later. I want his passionate kisses and hugs and all the rest of it. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me – the extra positive vibes won’t hurt! 🙂

And oh my goodness – this would be date #10!


4 thoughts on “Double digits

  1. Everything crossed. Fingers, toes, eyes. Such wonderful news, and I hope date 10 is everything you wish for. I had all the early doubts and insecurities and this-can’t-really-be-happening-to-me, and right now he’s sat next to me on the sofa 😊 (he doesn’t text much either! Haha)
    Big hugs xx

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