Random facts

This week the wonderful A Girl in Islington mentioned me (and other wonderful people) in her blog, written as part of the blogger chain ‘Versatile Bloggers Award’ showcasing diversity, writing about seven random facts about oneself. It was not a nomination per se, but certainly a challenge – and I do like a challenge.

I thought it would be a doddle to write seven things about myself, now it seems a bit more tricky – what is a boring fact and what is worth mentioning? My list:

  1. I always give 100 per cent. Whether in my job or in my personal life and with relationships, I believe that you should always turn up with all your heart and soul. I don’t do things half-baked, just scrambling through, trying to patch up. It may not always be the safest option and lead to emotional turmoil, but for me this is the only way. I don’t want to have to say later ‘I haven’t tried hard enough’.
  2. I am a hopeless romantic. I do believe in love, I do believe in romantic gestures, in butterflies. Despite the number of heartbreaks I have suffered so far, I am still open for the excitement and fuzzy feeling without any prejudice and bitterness. For every guy I do really like (which admittedly does not happen very often) I open my heart believe that cupid will strike. I do believe that I will meet my Mr Right eventually. Fingers crossed. Hope will never die.
  3. I love a good beer. Yes, I said it – I do like a good pint of beer. I am partial to some of the many craft beers you can now find, love the microbreweries and their random inventions and am – as a matter of fact – going to a beer brewing workshop tomorrow. Yes, a girl that favours beer over wine. It also has to be mentioned though, that my cocktail of choice is Gin and Tonic.
  4. I have green fingers. I love to have plants in my home, they make it a bit more cosy. I am always a bit taken aback if someone does not have a single plant in their house – what does it say about them? I always loved it, my parents gave their pots of half dead plants to me to bring it back to life. Which I usually did. Last time I counted I had 64 pots in my flat, ranging from small orchids to large ceiling-high plants. Every one of them has a story to tell, I know exactly when I got it or who I got it from. When moving house I got into huge arguments with removal people who treated them really badly and even told me to bin them and buy new ones. How dare they? It is a responsibility, I feel sorry for my friends who volunteer to water them whilst I am on holiday. 😉
  5. I was a cheerleader. In my ‘previous’ life, i.e. before I moved to London, I was a cheerleader and loved it. I was a dancer from a very young age, starting with ballet, then jazz, then hip-hop and funk, always part of dance crews and performing infant of audiences. When I was 16 I joined the cheerleading squad of my hometown, cheering for a major sports team, and that was everything I was looking for. We danced a variation of genres, did acrobatics and learned to fly – I was a ‘flyer’, those girls who are either at the top of the pyramid or are thrown up in the air. Later I founded my own team and coached it for 8 years. We had many amazing experiences, shows and appearances, championship wins. This was my life, those girls (and their partners) were my family. Sigh, such great memories.
  6. I do like a challenge. Unless it is seriously dangerous, I will accept a good challenge. What did I end up doing because of this? I jumped out of a plane with a parachute, I climbed Kilimanjaro, I went canyoning through waterfalls, I went ice mountain climbing near the arctic circle, I played rugby for a season, I ate a maggot and termites,… (I stop here, you get the gist). And you know what – I am proud of every single thing I tackled and succeeded in. Amazing experiences. And proofing that you should never judge a book by its cover.
  7. I am emotional. For those who now me in real life this will not come as a surprise. I feel with people, I am happy for them, I feel their pain. I laugh and I cry, both often. A wonderful advert may set me off, or seeing a sports team/ person winning will make me cheer, I sit on my sofa and excitedly clap my hands for a good pass whilst watching the rugby. Sometimes it’s quite a rollercoaster and exhausting, but I can’t and wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

These are my seven random facts. If you feel compelled to also write your list, please do and let me know! I am also rather curious, so would love to learn more about you.

Be versatile. Be grateful. You are amazing the way you are!



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