Who is the fool now?

This did not go the way I thought it would. This is the story of the Italian guy, remember my previous post? When I thought I had met a guy who is decent and honest, who likes me and who appreciates me. Well, what a fool I have been.

So date number 10 never happened. It was set up and scheduled. I was super excited to see him again after a little break, when he had friends from home visiting and (understandably) was tied up and busy with them. I called him out a few times since, asking what was up, if he wanted to meet up again and, more generally, what was going on. His answer every time was that he was very sorry for the lack of communication, that he likes me a lot and definitely wants to see me again. The day came the date was arranged for… and nothing.

I went through this three times (sigh). Every time again I contacted him to hear the same lame ‘excuse’, I held on and trusted what he had told me before: that he really likes me and wants to take me out on a date. I know, before you chip in to remind me, words are well and good, action is much more important. And that’s what he lacked. certainly after this ‘break’/ friends visit. So last weekend I sent my last message, providing him the last chance to turn this around. A date was arranged for today. Again no communication since, my messages were ignored. My attempt yesterday to find out what the hell was going on finally resulted in a message today, that it would be best to not meet again, that too much time had passed. He admitted, this was his fault.

Yes, this is entirely his fault. And now it’s also his loss. I was patient, much more than I should have been. I was understanding and kind, not losing it when messaging with him. And to be honest, I feel good about not giving up right away, not being cynical and giving him a chance.

I am left baffled. Again. Unsure what I could have done differently. And yes, I did see the signs, but you can’t blame a woman for trying.

So who is the fool now?


One thought on “Who is the fool now?

  1. I don’t think you are a fool at all. He completely strung you along and has behaved extremely poorly. I remember vividly how easy it is to feel foolish when you have tried to think the best of something, but that is because you are a nice and decent person, and he is a bellend. Ring Ben & Jerry and get them round pronto, and be reassured that you are still great. Xx

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