Anna, reloaded

I have hinted at it before. Last week I went on a retreat. You may call it Personal Development or Life Coaching or whatever you feel like. To me it was a lifeline and a little life saver. You probably had noticed that I was all over the place, in my head and my heart, not knowing anymore what to believe, if I should listen to my gut instinct or to friends or anyone else who is just too willing to dish out advice. It effected everything in my life: my job, my relationship with my family, my struggle to find Mr Right and some friendships.

A workshop in September last year gave me the idea. Well, actually, a dear friend of mine did drag me to this workshop and spoke to me about the retreat, having attended it herself a couple of years ago. The workshop itself was already very helpful to me and reinforced a few of my thoughts when I started to doubt myself. So I took a leap of faith and applied for the retreat, after an initial interview I received the confirmation that I had secured a place. Ooh the relief I felt!

As much as I love my friends and really appreciate their thoughts and advice, sometimes it can feel patronising, judgemental and be the complete opposite of what I actually need. Sometimes I may not need a ‘don’t worry’ or ‘you’re great, all will work out’ or ‘think positively’. Sometimes I need a slap on the wrist and a kick in the backside and a ‘get going, girl’. Someone from the outside is much better at this, won’t cause upset and, most importantly, will be listened to. An unbiased source of inspiration.

The retreat was amazing. A fantastic team working with and for us. 150 wonderful ladies attending, all with our own set of issues we needed to solve. All fully committed to work hard with ourselves and to leave after this week with a refreshed outlook on life, a plan and a spring in our step. We talked, explored, invented and rediscovered. Ourselves, our goals, our personalities and identities. It was a rather emotional journey, where no one held back, putting our hearts and souls out there. And collectively, we put it all back together. We learned new aspects about gratitude, gratefulness, what to learn from role models, how to strengthen and widen your network, even how to network. We learned what kindness really means, to forgive others and ourselves, and we said good-bye to toxic people in our lifes. We forged new friendships with women from all over the world, some of whom will be friends for life.

I left the retreat with a positive and lifted feeling, calm and invigorated. I now have a plan and tools how to tackle certain problems. I am confident about myself again, and that I can achieve whatever I want if I’m prepared to work for it. This was my ‘kick in the ass’, and I am so glad I went on this journey. Furthermore, I have new friends helping me along the way.

You may wonder, why I didn’t have a plan before? Weren’t I a confident person all along? I did and I was, but I was so overwhelmed by everything that I didn’t know anymore where to start. My house of cards crashed above my head and I needed a helping hand to dig myself out of it. Now I am aware again, know how to stop, breathe and reflect. And then strive forward.

Wish me luck. This is Anna, reloaded, a high value women.


6 thoughts on “Anna, reloaded

  1. Whatever works to help you value and love yourself is a great thing. I think being single is just an increasing pile of self-doubt and snowballing worry – although sounds like things are going well for you on that front too! 🍸

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    1. Thank you so much! I always try and not advertise the retreat, also because there are hundreds of reasons to go on a retreat and as many different ‘providers’. Search ‘MH Retreat’, that should lead you to the one I attended. But also check out others, as I think it’s important to find the right one for you. x


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