Not looking, really!

What happens when you do not spend too many hours in a week on online dating sites and apps? What happens, when you decide to take a break of meeting people that you know you will never see again, and that maybe were a waste of time (although you probably learned a lesson or two). What happens when you decide to just focus on yourself and enjoy life.

Well, I have done exactly this for the last four months, and trust me – it was needed. And so good, I felt released of all the pressure I put on myself, I enjoyed meeting with friends and having time for hobbies, exploring, finding myself again. I hope this does not sound boring to you, because really it isn’t! I have learned a few things about myself, and am now stronger for it.

But obviously, I can’t stay away from men for too long 😉 I met this lovely and rather hot guy on holiday, the one who called me when I got back home. Remember him? We are still in touch. And he came to London for a day to see me! Wow, I couldn’t believe it! On his way back from holiday he made quite a detour to London to see me. Every girl’s dream! We spent a fabulous day together. I was so excited, and felt like a teenager, with butterflies and all. True to his Latino soul, he knows how to court a woman and made me feel special and gorgeous. Ahhh, bliss! And even better news for me and my little bruised heart: I will see him again in three weeks. Whoop! I will travel all the way across the ocean and spend a few days with him. Only thinking about it makes me grin like the cat that got the cream!

Also, I caught up with some friends who I do not see that often, and it’s a reassuring feeling to know that they still have my back. We still understand each other, I love them for it.

I am still staying clear from dating apps, well most of the time. I confess, I have a sneaky look once in a while to see if there are any hidden treasures. But I am banking on meeting Mr Right in the cereal isle in the supermarket. I know it’s like dreaming about the prince on the white stallion, but hey 😉 A girl can dream, it’s better then running your battery low with an overenthusiastic online search.


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