Travel diary: Day 5 – country roads, views and hugs

Today was a good day. I went on a road trip, to the East coast of the North Island along the Coromandel Peninsula. I called the rental car company this morning, booked a car, convinced the agent to give the satnav to me for free (he hid it in the car so his boss wouldn’t find out) – and off I went.  Continue reading

Travel diary: Day 3 – Hello Auckland

It is 5.30am and I made it – I arrived. Hallelujah! This was a long journey, very long considering I left my apartment on Tuesday morning and now it is Thursday. But, I arrived safely and my suitcase arrived with me. In fact, by the time I got to the luggage carousel it was already on its second lap. Off I went, trying to find out how best to get into the city without spending a fortune. Continue reading

Random facts

This week the wonderful A Girl in Islington mentioned me (and other wonderful people) in her blog, written as part of the blogger chain ‘Versatile Bloggers Award’ showcasing diversity, writing about seven random facts about oneself. It was not a nomination per se, but certainly a challenge – and I do like a challenge. Continue reading