Travel diary: Day 8 – Rotten eggs, colourful pools and mud

I confessed to all my bumble matches that I am actually travelling and won’t come back to Auckland. All (!) of them send really nice messages back, wishing me safe travels and a fantastic time – and if I ever were in Auckland again they’ll take me out for a drink. I do realise that most of it is them just being polite, but still, they could’ve ignored me or sent some stroppy message back. So yes, I am referring again to my ‘reasons to move to NZ list’.

Also, I think Andre (the guide) is flirting with me. I don’t mind – haha – I am happy about some compliments and attention. I will let you know how this develops.

Today again we were blessed with perfect weather, sunshine all around. We visited some incredible sulphur pools and sights of thermal activity. If you can ignore the smell of rotten eggs, they are beautiful, of the most wonderful colours. We also saw some mud pools. The pools were formed during volcanic activities, and as the the tectonic plates underneath New Zealand are moving all the pools and geysers are constantly bubbling and letting off steam.

Then on we went to the camp for our next stop – Tongariro National Park. I am rather excited about our hike tomorrow! The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is said to be the most beautiful day hike in the world. And trust me, approaching the area and seeing the snow laden mountain and neighbouring volcano (which we will hike across) is very impressive. Pictures don’t really do it justice.

Our group is coming together really nicely. I get on well with everyone, there is only one lady I haven’t spoken to yet, but I am hoping that on tomorrow’s hike I will have to opportunity.

Links: Waiotapu pools, Tongariro National Park



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