Pieced together

It has been a while since I wrote last, and this post will be short. It is now 5 months ago that I tried to put my deep pain into words. My world broke apart and I shattered into pieces, and I have since tried to put myself back together, bit by bit, shell by shell.

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Talk to me

Today’s dating business is a messy business. Those who go out there to find a partner meet those who are out there to just have some fun. Both are legitimate reasons to go on dates, but in real life you would spot the differences quite quickly and decide if you want to get into this. Continue reading


I am currently trying to make sense of all the thoughts that are racing through my mind. I hear my friends saying ‘Get a grip, it’s not the end of the world’ or ‘Forget about him, you’ll meet someone who appreciates you.’ and so on and so on. All very encouraging messages.

But there is one flaw in it. My heart got broken. Again. And yes, I do realise that Continue reading