Travel diary: Day 5 – country roads, views and hugs

Today was a good day. I went on a road trip, to the East coast of the North Island along the Coromandel Peninsula. I called the rental car company this morning, booked a car, convinced the agent to give the satnav to me for free (he hid it in the car so his boss wouldn’t find out) – and off I went.  Continue reading


Travel diary: Day 3 – Hello Auckland

It is 5.30am and I made it – I arrived. Hallelujah! This was a long journey, very long considering I left my apartment on Tuesday morning and now it is Thursday. But, I arrived safely and my suitcase arrived with me. In fact, by the time I got to the luggage carousel it was already on its second lap. Off I went, trying to find out how best to get into the city without spending a fortune. Continue reading