Travel diary: Day 10 – Wellington and Flirting

We set of early today for a 5hrs drive to Wellington. When we left our Skotel in Tongarito National Park it was very windy and quite chilly – such a difference to yesterday. We realised that we were blessed with perfect weather for our hike yesterday. When angels travel… 😉 This morning ‘Mt Doom’ was covered in a thick layer of clouds, everyone setting of now will be up for an unpleasant trek.f

We passed through some interesting townships, all the capitals of something or the other. Just to mention a few: the Capital of Carrots, the Capital of Gumboots, the Capital of Hunting Dogs. Also a town called Bulls, where every shop or building had ‘bull’ in it’s name. All of them had a big statue at the entrance of their town, apparently one time the carrot was painted in white and turned into a parsnip. 😉


We got to Wellington, again glorious sunshine and I set off immediately to meet with a former colleague. It was so good to see her, and a little unreal. The Te Papa museum is definitely worth a visit, it has an amazing exhibition about the Maori culture, about early settlements, about earthquakes and the wars that NZ fought.

In the evening we went out for dinner to celebrate the birthday of one of my fellow travellers. Just a few of us, including my favourite couple on this trip (Lynsey and Nick). I do wish my parents were as cool as they are. And Lynsey is my hero – she is my mum’s age, and he is only 5 years older than me! We are having some hilarious conversations about age gaps and dating…

So, I mentioned the guide before. Andrew, cute, laid back. Flirting more and more openly with me. We spent a lot of time on yesterday’s day hike together, chatting away. He keeps an eye on me, always checks in with me. It’s just little things, but I hope no one of the group will pick up on it – the quick looks and smiles etc. In the bar yesterday we sat next to each other and our legs touched. I know it sounds silly, but it’s exciting because it feels forbidden. When the guys of our little group went to get more drinks at the bar, Lynsey asked me what I thought about Andrew, and admitted that she picked up on the chemistry between us. There is just something which I can’t really name, but it is obvious and makes my heart jump.

Going back to the hotel it turns out, his room was on my floor only a few doors down from mine. He dropped me off at my room, it felt like the end of a date. He wished me a good night and just hovered for a short, awkward moment. Not sure what he thought, clearly we were both not bold enough to just go to his room. Then my key card didn’t work – he gestured for me to join him in his room, at that moment my room mate opened the door and the moment had passed… Not sure if this is something he would ever consider, isn’t there a code to not start something with clients? We still have 10 days to go… This morning at breakfast he passed me and whispered ‘you look lovely again today’. He also commented on something I wore yesterday, saying ‘an interesting shirt for a rather interesting lady’.

Gosh, it feels like a teenager crush! Quite exciting to be honest, rather innocent and different. I like different. I hope I will be kissed on this trip. And I do hope the group won’t notice any of that. Eek!

Links: Te Papa museum


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