2017 – Gone in a flash

All of a sudden the last day of the year is upon us. How did that happen? It crept up on me, without warning – it was only May a few days ago.

I must say, even though this year was not as eventful as the last one as in big life changing events, I think I was happier than before. I felt happier. More content with myself, not chased by something I believed was my dream. Not running after expectations. I took care of myself, forgot about dating, took the very few opportunities for dates that came along but nothing else, no pressure.

The friend I just met in Bangkok a few days ago asked me how my year was and I wholeheartedly responded ‘pretty damn good’. For once, I came closer to realising what it is I want to do with my career. Having pondered about it for quite a while, months if not years, during a seminar in October it was the first time that I could describe what it is I wanted to do. All of a sudden it was very clear. It came as quite a shock, but equally it is very liberating and reassuring that there is something out there that captures me and that I am passionate about. I will focus on this in the year ahead.

And then there is the dating aspect. Yes, I turned 40 this year, which felt like entering the age bracket where all is lost. However, I still refuse to accept this, I still hope there is someone out there who will love me for who I am. Because I am finally able to love myself for who I am, and (excuse me for praising myself) I think I am an amazing woman.

So, am I looking forward to 2018? Hell yes! It will be fantastic, challenging, exciting, full of drama and heartache – without a doubt. Lots to expect. Bring it on!


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