Travel diary: New Zealand – final words

I feel like I need to write a little round-up note for this New Zealand experience. I kept saying how amazing those views were, how fantastic the scenery looked, how wonderful the people were. New Zealand delivered all I expected and so, so, so much more. Not only were we blessed with the most perfect weather (yes I know, rose tinted glasses and all of that), but also did it give me a calm and peace I haven’t had for a while. Not sure if I experienced anything like it on any of my other travels. I felt genuinely sad to leave. So it is decided that I will return as soon as my bank account allows me. And I will also look into more serious options, because yes – I did mean what I said about this being a place to relocate to. But obviously, this requires more detailed research.

And yes, the people also made this trip an extraordinary one. My travel companions were wonderful, the most unique and kind hearted characters. And there is Andrew who infected everyone with his passion for is country, and me with a passion for him.

So let me conclude with an excerpt from my guidebook. Because this captures everything perfectly. When I re-read it yesterday it gave me goosebumps.

I am in love with New Zealand.
One thing I learned: ‘sandflies love my feetsies’.


One thought on “Travel diary: New Zealand – final words

  1. Am glad you had such an incredible trip, you have firmed my resolve to get there myself one day. I’m glad it has given you some life considerations too, and of course the boost of your time with Andrew. I hope you feel valuable, rested, and balanced -if indeed sad to be leaving. What an amazing holiday! Xx

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