Travel diary: Days 17/18 – Queenstown and Date nights

Queenstown, the city for adrenalin junkies and crazy folks in the Otago region. Every activity with a bit of a kick can be found and booked here. Of course, the most famous being bungie jumping, but not to forget kayaking, rafting, jet boating, river boarding, and many more. The city is full of opportunities to find your adventure kick, just walk along the main high street and you’ll find an abundance of options.

With all those crazy things on offer, what did we do (well, most of the group anyway)? We went on a wine tasting tour! 🙂 We covered four vineyards (Carrick, Aruka, Wooing Tree, Gibbston Valley) and tasted our way through various glasses (errm, bottles) of Pinot Grigio, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and sparkling wines. My favourite was a Pinot Gris from Carrick vineyard, and I bought two bottles for our Christmas Day celebrations in a couple of days. This was another great and rather relaxed day in the sunshine. Just a quick mention of two small historic villages: Arrowtown and Cromwell. Both feature original buildings along the High Street, if it weren’t for the 4×4 cars parked along the high street you could imagine what it looked like 100 years ago.

But Queenstown also meant two dates with Andrew. The evening we arrived we went into town, he showed me his favourite ice cream shop Patagonia (I couldn’t resist and bought some, of course) and we strolled along the waterfront of Lake Wakatipu. Afterwards we stopped by a few rooftop bars for drinks, went on to have dinner in a very cosy restaurant and literally did not stop talking. He is such an interesting person, we seem to have a lot in common. Isn’t it a shame that I meet someone I like at the other side of the world? Karma is a bitch sometimes… We also spent the second evening in Queenstown together, first snuggled up on the sofa in his room, then out in town, a walk through the botanic garden and again along the waterfront. It seems so easy and simple. Did I mention my relocation considerations yet? 😉

Links: Queenstown, Carrick vineyard, Aruka vineyard, Wooing Tree vineyard, Gibbston Valley vineyard


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